A mobile multi-modal biometrics  device to identify and verify subjects in the field.


I designed around off-the-shelf components to build a functioning and presentable tradeshow prototype.

A traditional portable identity kit contains separate biometric components that connect via a mess of wires to a laptop. Everything is packed into a heavy duty case with a total weight around 9 kg.

The project was built around the FBI certified Integrated Biometrics Sherlock two-finger roll scanner.

The first prototype used a smartphone as a hub. The idea was to reduce the size of the device and pack in as much biometric technology as possible.

The button-less design required two hands, or two operators. A keypad was added to eliminate this. During testing it wasn't successful because operators had no visual cue as to what step they were on without the smartphone. A third prototype was created that worked as a stand-alone device.

I worked with an engineer to connect all of the components and write the code for the interface.


Project team:

Manager - Nathan Schneider

Director - Joe Kubilius

Engineer - Will Meister

Designer - Kaj Niegmann