Thousands of cups are brewed everyday; while the liquid is enjoyed, the solid grounds are forgotten by the consumer. Re-Ground was a response to the 'waste' generated from making a fresh cup of joe. My personal use yielded 10 - 16 ounces of used coffee grounds per week. On a grander scale, Starbucks produces about 5,000 tons a year of used grounds that are incinerated, composted or dumped. Instead of discarding the grounds after use, I wanted to extend the coffee experience by revitalizing the leftovers into something tactile and engaging​​​​​​​
The Re-Ground coffee cup is made from a unique composite consisting of spent coffee grounds, potato starch, agar agar, and liquid glycerin. A sugar based coating is applied and finished with a food safe wax to seal the cup for holding liquid. The result is a one time use cup that can be shamelessly thrown away after use. After a drink has been poured and enjoyed, the liquid will dissolve sugar coating and start the composting process. As the cup biodegrades the grounds provide valuable nitrogen for the surrounding plants.
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